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    ♚ “The heroes will always be remembered. The best. The best and the worst. And a few who were a bit of both.”

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    - That future is almost gone.

    - But it is not lost.

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Zoe Saldana for 1883 Magazine Part 5

    Zoe Saldana for 1883 Magazine Part 5

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    If the Capitol wins, what will it do with a bunch of damaged slaves? - Gale Hawthorne

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I remember good and bad times

    I remember good and bad times

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    I YAHOO!-ed Myself with Natalie Dormer (x)

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    Ellen Page + Notable Filmography
             ↳ requested by anonymous

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    "I mean, why am I considered an ‘it girl?’ Because I’m in a lot of movies right now or am on the covers of magazines? I just hope there is something solid behind that. Because here’s the thing with ‘it girl’ status. It’s great and amazing that anybody is saying that at all. But how long does that last?"

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    Happy 40th Birthday, James Thomas Fallon • September 19th, 1974

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    The Brazilian School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is a smattering of low-rise cottages hidden in the coastal forests of Bahia near a mid-sized bay where Senhor Cardoso’s martial arts students like to practice a fusion of defensive magic and capoeira (often to an audience of wide-eyed first-years), and build soaring sand castles to pass the time. Wands were introduced by immigrants and have grown in popularity with the diversification of the student body; however, the use of focal objects and organic magic still remain prominent. Students dress in demure robes throughout the year, and break out their flashiest clothing for Carnival during which there is an unofficial competition for the most creative clothing enchantments (glitter-burst charms are common, as are colour-shifting spells although they do tend to backfire and turn clothes an ugly medley of brown and vomit-yellow if the fabric doesn’t take well to enchantments).
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    so instead of paying attention to class today i started thinking about a crossover between naruto and inuyasha

    • and this is what i came up with:

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    People have died.
    That’s what people do.
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    adapt or  d  i  e

    Hanna (2011) — dir. Joe Wright
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